Technology Driven Risk Mitigation

A new division of AML Analytics

AMLC are a team of global specialists in AML/CFT consulting who work with financial institutions, crypto businesses, governments and regulatory authorities around the world.

We are present in all the major financial markets on the planet providing strategic advice, practical guidance, technical expertise and cutting-edge technologies.

We help our clients navigate the ever-changing regulatory landscape, mitigate the risks of exposure to money laundering and terrorist financing and ensure effective risk-based frameworks are in place for sustainable supervision.

A different approach to supervision will bring significantly better outcomes and we believe that the future is data driven, digital and facilitated by technology. This technology is ORBS (Online Risk Based Systems) and ORBS will deliver our vision of sustainable supervision for corporates and regulatory authorities.

What sets us apart?


Our team of consultants bring unparalleled AML/CFT global expertise at country and government level.


AMLC consultants share strategic advice, practical guidance and technical expertise gained from years of specialist work.


AMLC are uniquely placed to help firms navigate their way through the complex AML/CFT regulatory landscape.


Our consultants are private sector industry experts from financial institutions, crypto exchanges and virtual currency businesses.


We work with governments and countries to develop and implement entire AML/CFT risk frameworks.


ORBS (Online Risk Based Systems) is a unique risk framework tool for intelligent supervision

For Financial Institutions

Find out how AMLC are dedicated to helping banks, insurers, trust companies and crypto businesses navigate the AML/CFT regulatory landscape, secure regulatory approval and ensure appropriate risk frameworks are in place to achieve sustainable operational efficiency.

For Governments

Find out how AMLC can assist and support regulatory authorities around the globe with national AML/CFT policy and legislative initiatives, interpretation of regulatory guidance and AML/CFT risk assessments of regulated entities to attain sustainable supervision.

Nick Kinloch

"We believe that
the future of supervision is digital, data driven, where the supervision framework delivers market and sector risk transparency. Resources are allocated appropriately, underlying risks are managed effectively and the framework is able to adapt."

Nick Kinloch
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